Heidi Hough


‘Reach,’ the Documentary, is directed by Heidi Hough. She is in post-production on her first documentary, “Feathers in the Soul,” about her escape from a childhood cult and the worldwide network of activists she created as a result. That’s where she got the idea: “Why not make a film about the next step after escaping your programming?” She reached out to filmmakers, trek guides and meditation specialists around the world and created the world's first documentary team to pursue body-mind-spirit healing together via a unique combination of external and internal challenges. 

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Ermo Egberts


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Maik Kleinert

Producer & Cinematographer

Maik is a freelance Videographer, Photographer, Director from Germany. His creative passion for film & photography includes events and fashion.

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Indrek Kasper

Drone & Landscape DP

Indrek is videographer, photographer & world traveler from Estonia. Indrek has been travelling 6 years and has lived in Thailand for the past year and a half. Indrek started using cameras at a young age, exploring in nature and recording his passion for his natural surroundings. He started his professional videography & production business at the age of 24. Over the past years he has been working with different resorts and yoga teachers. When not busy with work, Indrek can be found in kitchen, in the gym or discovering new locations.

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