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What is it like to leave a cult when it’s all you’ve ever known? When I was eighteen, I left the fundamentalist religious group I grew up in. I did everything to appear normal, but inside I didn’t feel that I truly belonged or that anyone could understand me.


My life changed the day a friend showed me a story on the news about a cult, and gently suggested that perhaps I too, had been raised in one. I realized that until I understood my past I would never feel in control of my present or be able to build a safe and happy future.

I embarked on a journey of ‘rewriting my story, my way.’ I accepted that I will always struggle and face challenges from my past. But I also learned to love myself: a huge accomplishment for a cult kid. Finally, my life feels right, and truly connected, in a healthy, real way, to others. Yours can too, and I can help.


Join me as I complete my memoir and documentary and build narrative therapy coursework to help you take charge of your story. I will also share resources dedicated to growth and healing for Cult Kids.

About Me: 


B.A. Occidental College

International Relations

M.A. Dartmouth College

Creative Writing

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