Early Praise:

“A good way to judge the damage or severity or existence of a group or cult is to ask: ‘does it disrupt the family? Does it disrupt attachment?’ 

– cult expert & psychologist Rosanne Henry LPC

A few years ago I started work on a documentary about the powerful and ruthless fundamentalist group I was raised in. My goal was to expose them and raise awareness about cult issues.

Little did I know how long the journey would be.

I thought that by exposing the truth, and sharing what I had learned, I could heal my family. Instead I've learned that everybody has their own journey, and healing has to happen for each one, at different times and in different ways.'

"Comedy and tragedy woven around a clever new spin on the age-old tale of family dysfunction. Ms. Hough is a unique new voice with a story worth telling."

- Jim Herzfeld, screenwriter  

Meet the Parents, Toy Story 2 


"Heidi's story needs to - and will be - heard."

-Signe Taylor, director

It's Criminal, Circus Dreams

Heidi Hough I Story in Action